We at Kati Thanda consider ourselves a story hub or a “story factory” which builds the brand story for our clients and develops
a deep and long-term relationship between their true fans and the brand story all along the “TRUE Journey“.

To ensure that our hub is working tirelessly for the brand story, we have developed Kati Thanda’s Magic Clouds Weekly Model ©. 


Our alternative approach claims that every interaction with your audience is an opportunity to strengthen and amplify the brand story and its connection with your true fans, as long as you remember to seed it

The TRUE JOURNEY involves branding actions and goals in terms of tying the connection between target audience and brand story. In this process, anonymous individuals become followers who live the brand story and tell it to others. During each phase, Magic Clouds © model is activated in order to Study and solve gaps between brand story and target audience. This empowers the required emotional and functional attachment the audience has with the story.


This is your first impression. You have to charm your target audience with a believable story. Otherwise, it might also be the last one. Here you’ll meet anonymous individuals who come to believe in your story and become convinced it is relevant to their life, their hopes, and their dreams. At the end of the day, you wish it to be their story too. Sounds stressful? Unique brand identity and exquisite design urge them to love us. At least some of them.


After earning attention and trust, you wish the believers to fall in love. They have to be passionate about the brand story and desire to own a piece of it for themselves. Lucky for them that we are generous. We’ll offer them the whole lake – using social media, videos, engagement campaigns and other magic spells that make them fall deeper in love with your brand.


Now when strong emotions are involved, believers become true fans and it’s time to dive into the deep blue waters. In this phase, you want true fans to come off the fence and take some action. We do that by engaging them with your brand story, using e-commerce platforms, digital marketing, social media, marketing automation, lead nurturing, brand collaborations, investor presentation, employer branding and any other engaging tools tho your mind.


Imagine that one day your brand inspires thousands of true fans who won’t be able to envision their lives without it.

During this phase, we’re going to leverage your brand story to extensive heights. It takes time to get there and working the magic requires great effort. But moving together step by step with consistent and disciplined work will lead us there – from bust to boom. And it is worth the effort because you are not only going to earn delighted true fans who remain loyal to your brand for a long time, but you also obtain brand advocates who are eager to quote your brand story and attract new believers.

At this point, you are beyond selling a product or a service. You are selling an experience, either customer or employee experience. Above all, you are selling a bigger idea, you are leading an agenda, with some great content. So, one of our biggest missions here is to help you to become a publisher of this big idea with your owned media content.

Even when you see only
sand, the lake is always
there. Waiting for its
story to be revealed

Model ©

Every week this unique model monitors what more can be done in order to bridge gaps between the brand and its true fans’ hopes and beliefs. So the Magic Clouds Model © is a kind of habit that with time turns into a “brand story discipline” the client assimilates into his or her routine. The 5 steps of Kati Thanda’s Magic Clouds model © ensure that our hub is always seeding magical clouds fueling your story and filling the lake – wherever a gap between your brand and your audience is observed:

If people love a
brand story,
0 %
are more likely to buy
the product in the
0 %
will share the story
0 %
will buy the product immediately

Source: LoyaltyLion

Becoming a

Nearly 90% of consumers would  switch to brands that share their values and outlooks on life

Source: LoyaltyLion

One of our most significant tools as a “story factory” is helping our clients become publishers.


By working with our model, our ‘hub’ constantly initiates magical ideas of engaging content that will build a stronger connection between your brand story and your true fans. This content comes in many shapes and colors – it can be videos, podcasts, or marketing automation campaigns – whatever works the magic – works for us.


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Is the target audience passionate about the brand story? Where have we already succeeded to lead a tribe of true fans? Where are there dormant or indifferent pelicans?
Why so and how are we supposed to lure them?


What have we achieved in the past week?

Action items

Take appropriate action to close the gaps we identified and start working the magic.


What are the pain points? Where are the widest gaps between the brand and its true fans’ hopes and beliefs?


What more can we score for the brand? How do we expand the lake?

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We share a brand’s narrative with its target audience through various channels, such as social media, blog posts, marketing materials, and more. The goal is to engage and resonate with the audience by sharing the brand’s message and cause through a compelling story. Learn more about becoming a publisher>>